At Aviation Guard , we believe that powered flight has transformed - and will continue to transform - the world. It's an engine for human progress and an instrument to rise above. realities for That's why we work with an explorer's heart and a perfectionist's grit to share our experiences and knowledge to keep your aircraft airworthy at all the time . We do this as a way of turning possibilities into our customers . This is our objective, and a challenge to which we rise every day. It's about more than transporting people reliably to their destinations . It's about more than providing the care and intelligence to service aircraft expertly. It's about innovating and engineering a new and exciting future for aviation -one in which the full potential of human progress can be unleashed . This is how we at Aviation Guard approach our work, and this is why we are inspired to go beyond .

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manage_accounts OUR ORGANIZATION

Designed to eliminate outdated tech and replace outdated thinking, we are structured into different clusters: Aircraft Acquisition Support, Aircraft Parts Provisioning, MRO Services, Aviation Training & Development, Aviation Quality & FBO services . As the nerve centers of Aviation Guard , our clusters bring talent and technology together as never before. Collaborative from the outset, we foster relationships across industry to create fresh innovations by bringing technology to commercial aviation. Focused on the future, we are open to partnership and open for business.

add_task OUR PURPOSE

Our mission is simple; to bring products and services to market with innovation, greater speed and efficiency.
At Aviation Guard, we sell undisruptive products, end-to-end services and trailblazing solutions that help to keep your aircraft airworthy, lower costs and simplify business.
Anticipating the risk scenarios of tomorrow, we focus on bringing together commercial innovations with precision solutions. Our goal is to be proactive and future focused - not simply accelerating in one space, but creating value that has tangible benefits for everyone.

group_add OUR TEAM

We are a team of experienced aviation professionals who are passionately committed and dedicated to your aviation safety. Strategically based in LAO PDR, Aviation Guard has assembled a globally diverse, cross -functional team of aviation industry experts . These accomplished individuals have established track records of success in aviation safety and have proven, results -oriented experience from aviation organizations throughout the world .

Our team fully understand the multiple aviation challenges facing you and the industry on a daily basis . Aviation Guard subject matter experts take tremendous pride in sharing their real -word experiences and long -standing knowledge of aviation in order to ensure an effective strategic skill transfer to those aviation organizations and individuals whom we have the distinct pleasure of serving .

Whether your specific needs are centered upon aircraft operation, aircraft maintenance, aviation safety, aviation auditing, aviation training, aviation consulting services, FBO services or other aviation related challenges, your Aviation Guard Team can be relied upon to meet your scheduling requirements . In addition, we are fully committed to being responsive to your specific aviation safety and business needs, while truly empowering your management and staff personnel to meet their full performance potential .

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